Koenraad Van Daele (1964 - )


In 1984 - Belgium based - Koenraad Van Daele travelled to Carrara (Italy) to learn the process of sculpting in marble. After Italy he went to artschool in Gent and learned clay modeling and moulding. Several years later he studied art history at the university of Brussels. In the late nineties he came across the work of François Willème and his method of constructing objects with photosculpture. The digital era emerged and today the classical studio with hammer & chisel made room for the digital studio with 3D design & printing. In 2018 he will continue researching how computers and data driven systems can act as a guide for designing or producing objects such as sculpture.


Art and 3D Printing: Meet Curious Artist Koenraad Van Daele - 27.2.2018

Public commissions

Stone sculpture / Vilvoorde Stad Der Pjeirefretters - 1993
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